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10/28/08 01:31 PM #1    


Irma AGroot ([admin])

Welcome to the Will C. Crawford Senior High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

01/18/10 11:33 AM #2    

Rod Mehrtens

Just thought I'd mention that I'm appearing in a play called Heart up here in Anchorage, Alaska. Having a grand time playing the lead this time. May 2010, we'll be taking the show to the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska. It's a great retirement—broke but having fun!

03/17/11 10:12 AM #3    


Irma AGroot ([admin])



How long was your run in your play?  What are you doing now?


03/17/11 01:56 PM #4    


Jim McElwee (Sec-Reunion)

This is comming up quick, do you think it is time to meet and discuss options/plans.  I am excited!  Good job on the web page Steve.

04/15/11 10:07 AM #5    


Jim McElwee (Sec-Reunion)

Hey Irma, Steve, Earl,

when are we going to get together to start the planning process for the 2013 event?  Let me know via the post or call me 619-889-9113.  Hope to talk to you soon.  This will be here before you know it!

04/15/11 09:28 PM #6    


Irma AGroot ([admin])

OK Jim, 

I sent out the group email.  Now we'll wait for response.  You all (in San Diego) should set a meeting date.

Maybe Rod (and others that are far) can video (skype?) conference with us? Maybe Greg E. can figure that one out?

05/22/11 12:27 AM #7    


Wayne Farmer

Great job on the website!  I didn't know about it until now.  I've just written a biography there and loaded it up with pictures.

I hope to see a lot of other classmates responding to the group e-mail as I did.

06/03/11 06:14 PM #8    


Irma AGroot ([admin])


AGENDA:A.  Reunion 2008 - the Good, the Bad and the Fabulous!
               B.  The Memory CD - disposition/refunds/discussion - Reunion 2008
               C.  Treasurer's Report
               D.  Executive Officers Appointments Reunion 2013
                        President, VP, Treasurers (main & Alternate/Assist), Secretary
               E.  Directors (Main Players) Reunion 2013
               F.  Meeting timeline/places Reunion 2013
               G.  Committees  Reunion 2013
                       Friday Night Bash
                       Saturday (days)
                       Saturday Night Reunion
                            Raffle Baskets
                            In-Memory Table
                       Sunday (days)
                       Lost colts
                       Memory Book 2013  
               H. Website  Report
                       Assistant webmaster/mistress

09/28/11 12:59 PM #9    


Irma AGroot ([admin])


if you would like to join us please email

and I will send you an evite.  

AGENDA A.   Call to Order/Minutes                      
Treasurer's Report                  
               C.   The Memory DVD (Reunion 2008 Memory Book+ DVD)
                         Report (Steve Ko)
                         Sales (future)
               D.  Venue & Date
Committees  Reunion 2013
                       Friday Night (Cyndi Jo)
                       Golf  (Earl/Jim)
                       Saturday Night Reunion
                            Raffle Baskets/Donations
                       Sunday - Birds of a Feather (Dan)
                       Lost colts
                       Memory Book 2013  

               F.  Website/Face Book/Yahoo Group  Report
G.  New Business
Round the Room in 90 seconds
                       Directors & Committee Members

If you need an addition to the agenda or wish to serve on a committee, please email or let your interest be known on theJOIN COMMITTEES Link to the left of this web page.

10/03/14 09:52 AM #10    


Corinne Brown (Walker)

Please visit my new website and click on "listen to Corinne sing" so I can get a million hits on Youtube.  You don't even have to listen to the whole song.  Thanks, Corinne Brown Walker


10/03/14 01:32 PM #11    


Bryan Lanois

Wow, very good. Enoyed your sweet voice and soothing song. Let us know if you post more on YouTube.

Thanks for sharing,

Bryan Lanois Oct 3 2014

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