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09/17/18 08:52 AM #15    

Michael Drakulich

Thanks Cathy---- such a lovingly well written reflection------1968 is universally recognized as a historic landmark year in American history and culture --- we were all a part of that rich mosaic that you painted--and I so much look forward to seeing everyone who shared those years with us growing up in San Diego in the 50s and 60s---we were truly blessed ---

09/17/18 09:31 AM #16    


Norman Black

Wow! You nailed it Cathy. It was a very interesting time in our lives and in the country that the current generation have no clue what it was like for us. The big negative for me in high school was the death of my mother due to cancer a few days before my 17th birthday and the start of my senior year. I promised myself that I would honor my mother by doing everything I could to get my grades up, stop cutting class to go surfing, and get into San Diego State and be the first in my family to graduate from college. All my best to all of you who will be able to make the reunion and keep the great memories alive in your heart.

09/17/18 09:39 AM #17    

Cathy Felice (Brundage)

Thanks Crawford Colts for all your kind remarks ❤️

09/17/18 09:51 AM #18    

Darrell Wenhardt

Kathy... Great Job!!

So many Good and Bad memories, but combined did make us who we are today... Yes, Jackson, Mann and Crawford were great days of our lives!!


09/17/18 10:14 AM #19    

Steven Epstein

Thanks so much Kathy for bringing back these memories. 

09/17/18 10:16 AM #20    

Louis Vener

Beautifully written. Our generation is certainly positioned in a pivotal time in history. We've shared so much even when we parted ways.  I'm really looking forward to see all of you.

09/17/18 10:37 AM #21    


Scott Shaw!

Nice work, Cathy. Your piece made me feel like I was there.

Oh, wait, I WAS!

09/17/18 11:24 AM #22    


Sandra Lovette (Lucero)

Beautifully written, and so true. Thank you Cathy for the memories!😃

09/17/18 11:26 AM #23    


Bryan Lanois

 WOW Kathy.  So Beautifully written.  You captured moments in our lives that we all have in common.  

09/17/18 01:39 PM #24    

Kathy Crosthwaite (Alameda)

Cathy, you brought our first 20 years back to life! Thanks for the memories! Eager to see you and friends from near and far at the reunion! Go Colts!

09/17/18 01:42 PM #25    

Debbie Singer (Kaplan)

Cathy, thank you so very much for that.  It gave me goosebumps, and brought back a lot of memeories.  One I will always remember and you missed, .... In high school if a girl got on her knees and her dress hem (no pants except on a SPECIAL DAY) didn't touch the ground ... you were sent home.  I am so very sorry that I won't be in town for the reunion, would so love to catch up on everyone.  I'll for sure make it to the 55th or 60th!!

09/17/18 03:24 PM #26    

Jan Watkins (Spreier)

Thanks Cathy, you remind me that I was not alone in wanting to be a part of the popular crowd and being on the outside. As you I would would enjoy my time and not try so hard . I think that kept me from coming back to previous reunions. Not this time, I am going to have fun. Again thanks for your eloquence. Hope to see there.

09/17/18 03:41 PM #27    


Richard Novick

Cathy, thanks so much for the memories. Miss Telzrow's class! I was in that class! I once told Miss Telzrow that I thought she was 40 years old, only to find out from my mom months later that she was 27! I guess at my age adults always seemed older than they were. Square dancing? The twist? I must have blotted those memories from my mind, for in those days, dancing was not on my radar! Oh, how I sometimes wish I could go back in time to relive those days. Knowing what I now know, I would surely do things differently!

09/17/18 08:38 PM #28    

Cathy Felice (Brundage)


Dear Colts 

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your enthusiastic responses; your memories & comments have brightened my day.  I am so looking forward to seeing everyone ❤️

09/17/18 11:05 PM #29    

Earl Altshuler

By the way, we'll definitely get a group photo of all those who went to Andrew Jackson.

09/18/18 06:52 AM #30    

James (Jim) Clarke

Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for the trip back in time.Extremely well written!!

09/18/18 07:57 AM #31    

Charles Wax

Cathy what a beautiful  and touching tribute you wrote. The memories you describe are so vivid  I didn't go to Jackson and enjoy the memories you did as  i went to Euclid  where we too made our own memories. Last year Euclid had 100 year celebration and my first grade teacher Mrs. Baker was there very healthy in her late 80's. What a special time to connect with her. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

09/18/18 08:50 AM #32    

Karen McCormack (Smith)

Cathy I wouldn't have seen your post if it hadn't been for Earl.  I thought it was so good I passed it on to my sister who was a year behind us.  We didn't have any technology in our life and we still had a wonderful life.  I am so glad we lived back then.  

09/18/18 03:44 PM #33    


Becky Overton (France)

Cathy--what a fabulous piece you've written about "our days" at CHS (and before!) Thank you for reminiscing with us! See you soon, Becky (Overton) France

09/18/18 04:46 PM #34    


Susan Cone (Milow)

Cathy,  Thank you so much for posting that.  It brought back a lot of memories both good and not so great.  I'm also not one of the Jackson crew.  I went to Oak Park Elementary.    The years have passed so quickly.  I remember my parents telling me not to wish my life away, when I eagerly waited to be old enough to drive.  And then they told me the same thing when I wanted my 18th birthday to get there,  Now that I'm 68, I can't believe how fast the clock goes.  It seems like one day its Christmas and I close my eyes and it's the next Christmas.  But lots of years of good memories.

Susan (Cone) Milow

09/18/18 06:48 PM #35    

Elizabeth Salerno

 Wow Cathy, you captured our times, how nostalgic I feel. Life did seem less complicated, perhaps easier. I feel so fortunate to have grown up during an era where one could be more bubbled from stressors.  I was so naive and idealistic when I graduated from Crawford High.




09/19/18 07:05 AM #36    


Nancy Moore (Falconer)

Thank you, Cathy, for providing me a few moments to step back into my younger years. You so eloquently protrayed fond memories. I know I'll be missing out on an opportunity to rekindle friendships from the past as I won't be attending the reunion.. Hope you all have a great time at the reunion. We will be in San Diego the second week of Oct, just couldn't find a way to get there in time for the festivities. Will look forward to reading posts from those who attend and will definitely be anxious to see pics and videos from all my classmates. Go Colts!

09/19/18 12:37 PM #37    

Julee Hansell (Press)

On a personal note, memories of Crawford High School days seem almost magical.  Each morning I looked forward to what excitement the day would bring.

I was fortunate to feel  “Special” in High School and realize the self-confidence that I have enjoyed throughout my life was due in large part to Crawford students.

Thank you Cathy for reminding me of those precious moments in time.

09/20/18 07:59 AM #38    


Randall Gay (Saint John)

Thanks for that endearing piece Cathy, you really got the zeitgeist of our era. 

I am sorry I will not be able to come to the reunion due to a loss of a family member.  I wish all the Colts the best and hope you have a fabulous time.  I will especially miss seeing my old classmates from Montezuma.  Happy days to all.

Randy Gay (Saint John)

09/20/18 08:10 AM #39    

Bob Rosen

Sorry you can't make the reunion.It would be good to see you again. Hoping for a good Montezuma turnout.

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