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•   Susan Weetman (Belair)  12/11
•   Kathleen Peters (Chandler)  11/20
•   Sharon Cameron  11/19
•   Linda Best (Therien)  11/19
•   Pamela Flores (Amundson)  11/18
•   Gregory Aten  11/14
•   Timothy Zelt  11/13
•   Dane Clay (Clay)  11/10
•   Sandra Nietzen-Clinton (Clinton)  11/5
•   Mia Trompas (Clark)  11/2
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Will C. Crawford Senior High School
Class Of 1968




Welcome to the  OFFICIAL Crawford  Class Of 1968

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This is a private class website where you can find classmates, communicate/contact them and input your profile/contact information


Official Class Website:

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28 + 29 September 2018

PLACE:  Lafayette Hotel, 2223 El Cajon Blvd.  San Diego, CA 92104




Memorial services will be held for Donna Gregston at Moonlight State Beach on 11/25/17 at 3:00 pm, one year from her passing.

Donna had a wonderful career as a dental hygienist. She had a beautiful home in Encinitas and was fun loving and kind. She developed a disease that causes constricting of her veins and arteries in her extremities. She suffered through many operations and almost died any times. She finally had to have her leg removed. She was worried about losing her other. Her faith in Christ was a shining example to her nurses and friends. She finally succumbed to C diff which she had caught in the hospital. It was my good fortune to meet again at a New Years Party in which my brothers band played. We got together with my annual. She remembered with great pleasure her friends and time at Crawford. Jane Anderson Frangos

            Your reunion Committee 2018

Executive Officers

     President:   Cyndi Jo Mitton Means, Friday Night Bash

     Vice President: Kathy Taylor, Budget

     Treasurer:  Greg Estep, Music

     Secretary:  Kathy Taylor (Acting Secretary)

     Members:  Nancy Adams (Hallowell, Sallee), Decorations

                       Phil Aranoff, Co-Chair Lost Colts. In Memory Display

                       Jim Clark, Co-Chair Lost Colts

                       Pam Flores, Decorations

                       Irma Groot, web admin,

                       Steve Ko, web admin

                       Marilyn Tjaden, Raffles

                       Nancy Turskey (Calkins), Decorations    

                       Dahlia Bokow Zalk                  




  It takes $$$$ (MONEY) & EFFORT

to run a successful reunion. 

If you enjoyed the 2008 & 2013 Reunions,

please consider donating to the 2018 Reunion. 

Help make the reunion happen!  All funds go into our class checking account

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email: or 

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       GOAL for 2018 reunion: 

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          Here's where we are:     386  REGISTERED Colts (and climbing!)

Tell your 1968 Classmates to REGISTER!

[actual Colts we have current information on: > 500]


Yes they did!

 and  HERE is the G O S S I P

8/13/2011  EXECUTIVE NAP!

At the executive committee meeting..... we waited and waited and.......FINALLY called to see where the missing member was.....

Irma:  Hi Jim, what are you doing?

Jim McElwee's response:  I am taking a nap..........


6/5/2011 What is WORSE than putting someone who has not passed away into the "In-Memory" category?

answer:  Having the CHAIR of the HOOVER 68 Reunion Committee bringing your attention to it!

5/31/2011  Irma Groot innocently reminded Dan Ash and Steve Ko to put in their 12/2010 donations into the   DONATION CHALLENGE  so it would be counted in the survey results.  Simple?  You'd think huh?  NOT!

Dan's response: What is a “donation challenge”?

Jim McElwee's response:  I think it has something to do with bowel movements

Classmate Fun Times


11/28/2011 - From Scott Shaw


7/1/2011 posted on the Class of 1968 FB page by Mark Elson

The Beach Boys on the Red Skelton Show!


4/22/2011 - From Scott Shaw

Inline Image Not Displayed

4/15/2011 - From Jack Valentine with compliments:


6/5/2011 - The infamous John Fry Productions needs no introduction.  Here's the direct link to his Crawford Pages.  ENJOY!

You can also subscribe to his Alumni Newsletter for $30/yr (the cost of printing and postage)

Here is also a link to the Colt Corral blog for those of you who like to keep up with alumni happenings!

Thanks John, for everything you continue to do for Crawford Alumni!


DONORS!  Reunion 2013

Thank you so much for your donations!

        MONEY MONEY           MONEY MONEY

Cyndi Jo (Mitton) Means    $300.00    5/31/2011

Steve Ko                            $250.01    12/2008  (Challenge to meet or beat to classmates!)

Dan Ash                             $250.00     12/2008


                   V I P        S U F F

Steve Ko  Domain name for 10 years (APR 2011-APR 2021)

Cyndi Jo (Mitton) Means   Friday Night Bash 2013

Irma Groot  website


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Laura Dutton  12/12
(Rick) Richard Covert  12/13
Michael Smith  12/13
Joe Navarro  12/15
Bruce Hacker (Hacker)  12/18
Allen R. Knight  12/19
Kathy Noble (Howard)  12/24
Greg Phillips  12/29
Sandra Shipley  12/29
Michael E. Judd  1/6
Rod Mehrtens  1/8
Robert McCutcheon  1/10